Friday, March 10, 2006

Get your soft on.

Go get the finest in softness from a big long post over at Can You See the Sunset From The Southside? where he did a career retrospective for John Samson (of Propagandhi and the Weakerthans).  

Roscoe P. Coltrane

#1. I did a new lil mini mix over at Moka. Check it!

#2. These songs are ruling my world apart...and yes, everyone is also listening to Roscoe by Midlake, but that's because it's good.

---some sugar (for the gamers)---

Midlake - Roscoe

---some spice (for Aaliyah...RIP)---

Aaliyah - We Need a Resolution

---some math (for willz)---

Shellac - Wingwalker

---some fly on the wings of a psychedelic robot dragon (for sara)---

Torche - Erase

---some crushing destruction (for the class of '97)---

Acrid - 55 Seconds

#3. A great post over at Said the Gramophone with two of my favorite jams.
Check it!

#4. I'm not really a fan of cats...but this site is pretty great. Specifically
this post.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

hitting rock bottom

Loose Fur's Hey Chicken video. Enjoy?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sweet god.

...and snorted all the 'yay'...

The Natalie Portman gangsta rap has been removed from YouTube.
Apparently, the geniuses at NBC don't realize that they can drive ad revenues by raising their viewership via FREE VIRAL MARKETING! Yeah, i'm going to pay 2 dollars for a 2 minute sketch at the iTunes Music Store. If I can buy a whole episode of Lost for 2 dollars, I expect to get the same kind of value on a full episode of SNL.


So, we're headed to Boulder, Colorado...probably sometime in the early summertime...more details as we know them. We made an offer on a house, and they accepted!...we're going to totally revamp it from the ground up...throw any ideas our way and if we use'll get free stuff.

Here's some pics:

Yes, those mountains are practically in our backyard. Six blocks from a trail that goes up into those...two blocks from the Boulder community gardens...and a hop, skip, and jump from Pearl Street.

A kitchen fit for Epcot Center! Look at those angles!

A basement built for kings! Home of my first true "Rec Room"...hopefully in delicious 60's-70's stylings. Can someone say raised floor reading nook in the corner? Did I mention I already own a leather beanbag from the 60's? And check out the sweet escape hatch...perfect for reenactments of Barbarella!