Friday, March 10, 2006

Roscoe P. Coltrane

#1. I did a new lil mini mix over at Moka. Check it!

#2. These songs are ruling my world apart...and yes, everyone is also listening to Roscoe by Midlake, but that's because it's good.

---some sugar (for the gamers)---

Midlake - Roscoe

---some spice (for Aaliyah...RIP)---

Aaliyah - We Need a Resolution

---some math (for willz)---

Shellac - Wingwalker

---some fly on the wings of a psychedelic robot dragon (for sara)---

Torche - Erase

---some crushing destruction (for the class of '97)---

Acrid - 55 Seconds

#3. A great post over at Said the Gramophone with two of my favorite jams.
Check it!

#4. I'm not really a fan of cats...but this site is pretty great. Specifically
this post.


Anonymous Nathan Woolls said...

Wingwalker is indeed a fantastic song, but I have to point out that the mp3 posted here is playing way too fast. The mp3 I've got on my computer is 5mins long (and sounds exactly like my 7" vinyl), this one comes in at 4:38. Sorry to be pedantic.

1:26 PM  
Blogger like a eagle said... problem....the pedantry is fine....
it's not my rip from the's entirely too fast, but i kinda like it...the slight chipmunking on the vocals is a nice touch...i was just stoked to find an mp3 copy of a song i listened to so much in high fast or not, it was be honest, i used a cardboard care bears record player for about a year when mine broke back in the mid 90' if i went back and listened to a lot of those records now on a 'real' turntable it'd probably sound weird to me too :D

thanks for stopping by and posting a comment though...that makes you up to 89% better than most of my friends....

2:55 PM  

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