Friday, January 20, 2006

All up in your weekend.

It's Friday. You made it. Give yourself a hug.
Four day weeks can be tough. You've got to make sure they don't sneak attack you and try to fit five full days into four. It happens. It's not your fault. But now it's time for pizza. It's time for drinking margaritas and other various white trash recreational drinks (who has time to sit around and wait for beer to get them drunk---and bloated?!) It's time for bad movies (anyone like terrible romantic comedies?) Most importantly it's time to listen to some good music....good, relaxing, interesting music that you can focus on or leave on in the background.......

So Opsvik & Jennings is what I recommend. I've been listening to the three mp3s on their website for about a month, since their ad on Pitchfork caught my eye. The artwork is beautiful (see above), and immediately told me there had to be something Scandinavian going on (I've grown wise to your tricks, Scandinavian designers!). Sure enough Ospvik & Jennings is a duo of an Oslo Underground jazz scenester and an Oklahoma backwoods guitarist. It's great stuff. I'm sure most people would go the easy route and compare them to the for the uninitiated/uninformed their music may remind you of the Books. However, I'm hearing something a little further than that...It reminds me of some of the acoustic treatment that Alog used on their recent album Miniatures, and some of the simpler more minimal tones that could be found on Mileece's debut on Leaf. There's an ample understanding of analog and digital, and quite honestly that's my ultimate sweet tooth.

On their website, I found that they linked to Smalltown Supersound, Rune Grammofon, Lo Recordings, and the Leaf Label....that's pretty much all I need to read to know that these guys are keeping it real. So, I just ordered their album. I need to hear what else these guys are up to. I'll give an even fuller report when I get that. I suggest you go pick it up yourself.
Order here.

Here's some tunes for your hopefully enjoyable weekend...

Opsvik & Jennings:
Aaron's Hat


Anonymous Moka said...

This is good stuff Adam. And great for hangovers too :)

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Sheeni said...

Linked over here from StG. Man, are these great! Thank you!

8:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. thanks for posting our songs. i just wanted to let you know that we put up a new song from our upcoming album if you want to take a listen. thanks so much for listening to our songs. here's the new link Commuter Anthem take care --aaron (opsvik&jennings)

1:38 PM  

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