Monday, January 16, 2006

oh dood

Posted today at Moka's. Go check it out.
And now, a bonus round for the loyal readers...
Bent Leg Fatima - Cup and Saucer (excerpt)
Bent Leg Fatima - A Sort of Seamless Suite

Now, here's a record I can't quit listening to. Bent Leg Fatima is a band that went on to become Need New Body and I suppose Icy Demons as well. Two bands very near and dear to my heart. Their only record came out on File 13 (formerly of my hometown, Little Rock); home to many underestimated releases of the past handful of years (see Need New Body, National Skyline, Antarctica, or even Thumbnail). Their sound is far removed from the latter day chaotic nonsense fun times of NNB; more along the lines of something like Gastr del Sol, some good ol' Krautrock, and maybe even Olivia Tremor Control. My favorite thing about the record is its insistence at taking its own pace to get where it's going, which incidentally can be nowhere at all...and it's all the better for it.

Buy it here.

Have a good MLK Day if you feel so inclined.


Blogger Moka said...

Hey Adam, this is great stuff! Reminded me a little of The Books induced via krautrock, I took the liberty to add your blog to the hype machine cause I didn't found your blog listed there:

1:55 PM  
Blogger like a eagle said...

Thanks, I forgot to do that......I probably should've mentioned that this is from 1998...(also I added a link to File 13's website)...

2:27 PM  

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