Sunday, January 08, 2006

Second verse, same as the first

Happy New Year, everyone...I'm going to start posting from time to time, and I hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave comments with what you love, hate, and feel indifferent to.

To begin: here's a track by Joan of Arc off of their newest record, "Presents Guitar Duets" on record label. Buy it here.

Untitled by Bobby Burg & Nate Kinsella

I'm choosing this song 1. because I think it makes a wonderful introduction and 2. because this album is really great. If you're convinced that you know everything there is to know about Joan of Arc and that you aren't interested in them anymore, I would say take a listen. The plan on the album was to take the 10 different guitarists from the history of Joan of Arc and create a series of 10 guitar duets. This is definitely not a traditional JoA record; it's very much what you might expect from some sort of John Fahey tribute record. I would say this is perfect music for a grey winter afternoon, but I live in Miami right now and we don't get those...(for the record it also works during a long drive in the sunshine). Also: dig the cover art by Lauren Kessinger. Sweet drawings!


Anonymous Moka said...

Hi! So is this turning into an mp3 blog? Nice! I'll link when I get home. Great song, can't wait for your post at the motel.
See you around Adam.

8:11 PM  

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