Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Aww is so wack. I need a real shot in the arm...

How bout some: Comets on Fire.
Yes, the absolute best in psychedelic hard rock. Anyone who credits a member of the band with "Echoplex" wins. I get the feeling that these guys have a good time when they play. Summoning the spirits of MC5, Blue Cheer, and (I'm going to get crucified for saying this but) the vocals remind me of Sonny Kay from his days in the VSS.

The first s/t record has a bit more of a punk/garage/too much whiskey feel than the latter two albums. Their second album, Field Recordings from the Sun is where shit starts to get a bit more hectic...focusing more on shredding riffs apart, squealing feedback, and trying to take it "out there" rather than just kicking out the jams. On, their third and most recent Blue Cathedral they have arrived wherever "out there" is. Perhaps here or here. Either way, it's a cacophony of twisted nonsense, and comes highly recommended for soothing your inner psychopathic weirdo.


from s/t:
Let's Take It All
The Way Down

from Field Recordings from the Sun:

from Blue Cathedral:
The Antlers of the Midnight Sun

Buy their stuffs here.


Anonymous Mike said...

Curious as to where these boys are going next. When Burning Star Core played with them last summer, the new jams definitely had a mellower, "Pussyfoot the Duke"-type vibe. And they definitely do seem to have a lot of fun on stage. Great band.

9:53 PM  

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