Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sunday pt. 2

Although this weekend will still focus on Sunday, I'm also going to give you a snippet of Friday and Saturday, too.

First on Friday, we assembled a posse, loaded up and went to Dave & Buster's up in Ft. Lauderdale for a night of fried foods, alcoholic beverages, games of varying levels of skill, ticket collection, prize redemption, and all around foolishness. After the food and drinks we charged up our game cards and played skeeball, pop-a-ball poker (in preparation for my Vegas trip), various shooting games, Dance Dance Revolution, and then I totally owned Dan at three straight games of basketball shoot out. For the record Sara is really, really good at the game where you throw balls up an incline trying to get them in a hole labeled run, trot, and walk which then causes a mechanical horse to run across a racetrack. Near closing time, we headed to the ticket redemption center and got a bunch of crap...they actually have coffee makers and stuff in there...pretty strange. Most importantly we picked up some extra large Pixy Styx which you may remember from your childhood. Matt decided to shotgun one of these....check the video, with a delightful Crispin Glover soundtrack:

Saturday went pretty normal. Our new sink finally got installed in our kitchen, so we were able to properly cook again. We went to the grocery store and got a bunch of meat and vegetables for a traditional Tex-Mex meal...our dinner guests were unable to make it, but we forged ahead anyway...creating one of the best things I think we've ever done: The Smallest Taco in History.

So, Sunday...another open house, another reason to disappear for a few hours. This time, we decided to go on a classic Sara and Adam picture hunt. We packed up the camera bag, the iPod, and the dog and hit the streets. I'll keep this short, and just caption the pictures, cuz it's easier. If we're lucky Sara will start her blog and we can see the nice medium format film versions of my crappy digital pictures...enjoy!



Apparently, this Santa has been chained up for months and forced to accept Christmas wishes WELL beyond the traditional season.

Someone attempting to recreate PowerPoint's functionality with rugs and a store front.

"I don't mean nothin' by it, I'm just saying that ginger ale is HUGE!"

Way to follow directions, Sara.

What is this...Russia?

Family picture time...starting with Sara.

Family picture with Terminator 2!

Family picture time...Castle sez: I'm so sad.

Castle sez: Just kidding! HAPPY!

We gots terracotta for daaaaays.

Snack time:

"When in as the Hialeahans do."

Abandoned speedway pt. 1

Abandoned speedway pt. 2

I think this has something to do with that movie Bad Boys.

I like this tree.

Classic Sara taking a picture moment.

Our new friend, Lil' Looploop from the Everglades doing push ups on the dashboard.

Mmmmm...plastics. Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma were none-to-friendly to all of my favorite giant plastic letter signs.

There is really no way to explain this except to say that this is the kind of thing you see when you go out taking pictures with Sara. Crazy stuff like this just wills itself into existence. It's really quite unbelievable.

This is one of my favorite things I have found on my own while down in Miami. This thing looks awesome from every angle. Why don't more people paint crazy stuff on their buildings?

The front of this house is great. What would you even call that treatment?

Thanks for looking...come back soon for a post with the soundtrack to our Sunday.


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