Friday, April 07, 2006

-Naut On My Watch!

So, there's this weird, short, little history of some songs that end with the word -naut. I definitely think the songs are related, and see it sort of like a Grandfather, Father, Son kind of deal....Black Sabbath, Sleep, and Black Mountain respectively. There's not a lot to say except there is a legacy of riffage traveling through these songs that is mystical, fiercely important and needs to be documented. If I had to pick a favorite...well, I don't think I could. Although, Black Mountain's probably has the best name and backing vocals.

Black Sabbath - Supernaut

Sleep - Dragonaut
Black Mountain - Druganaut


As a bonus, I've assembled three other -naut songs for you.

At the Drive In - Cosmonaut
First, because, Cosmonauts were first in space, completely smoking the United States and John Glenn by almost a full month in 1961. Listening to At the Drive In these days just reminds me of how Mars Volta will probably never approach the same level of intensity and power that their previous band had as long as they are hiding behind tons of noise, completely ridonkulous lyrics, and 18 minute Santana-esque freak outs. Sure, I like Rush and Omar is an incredible guitarist, but on the whole Mars Volta wins my "trim the fat" lifetime achievement award. I'm not giving up hope on them yet, but I can still go back and listen to ATDI and hope for brighter days.

Smog - Astronaut
Second, in space...We'll just pretend that Bill Callahan was writing a sweet little prayer for John Glenn.

The Fucking Champs - Policenauts
Who and what are Policenauts? I would assume that this is Tim Green and Co.'s attempt to write a theme song for a failed cartoon pilot about police in space. I'm thinking voices of Danny Glover, Cloris Leachman, Jordan Catalano, Kim Fields, and let's throw in Mischa Barton and Elijah Wood for the hell of it. I'm thinking a light hearted drama soap somewhere between NYPD Blue and 90210. Tagline: "In space the sun never sets on crime. Or love."


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